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I cannot say enough wonderful things about Jamie Manning as an attorney, as a friend, and as a person. As an attorney she breaks the typical mold because she is not just highly intelligent, knowledgeable, and capable but she is also fair, honest, and she fights for the truth and for what's right. When she is representing you in any situation you can rest assured that she is as passionate as you are and you feel safe and well looked after with her by your side fighting for you. She can handle tense and upsetting situations with grace, dignity, professionalism, and confidence. She will be honest with you on what is happening at all times. That means something to me. As a person she is all of these things as well but she is also someone you are just honored and thrilled to know. She will stand up for you, laugh with you, cry with you, and comfort you. She recently helped me with a custody issue regarding my oldest child and she was sensational...such a blessing. Jamie wants to help her clients find the best solutions for them. If possible she would rather save a marriage if it can be saved because she wants the best outcome for her clients not only in the courtroom or in the law but also in life. (What other lawyer does that?!?!) God made her so wonderfully unique and I am just blessed to say I am her friend and a client. You won't regret meeting, knowing, or hiring Jamie to help you in your difficult times with legal matters. She is a lovely, brave, and fierce advocate for Christians and for all of her clients. -DH April 2017 posted on Facebook