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​​You can maintain peace and integrity during a difficult process.

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Things change

You may find that your original parenting arrangement is no longer working, maybe it never was working. Maybe you need to leave the area to make a better life for your kids; maybe you need more child support; or maybe you want more time with your kids or to protect your kids from an unstable parent. Whatever change you need -we can help.  At the Manning Law Company, we will stand with you to fight for what's best for your family.

I was involved in a Child Custody/Support case with my Ex-Wife regarding the placement of my daughter. My original attorney represented me for the first few months of my case, but was not retained because I did not feel my best interests were being met. After going back and forth with opposing Counsel for a few months, I reached out to Manning Law Company to represent me. From the start I felt my voice was being heard and my interests were a priority. In just a couple months of taking on my case, my daughter was returned to my custody and a successful resolution was reached in the final judgement. I would definitely recommend to anyone in need of a Child Custody/Support attorney to reach out to Manning Law Company for excellent service. I felt completely at ease throughout the entire process once Manning Law Company got involved and couldn't be happier with the outcome. Thank you Manning Law Company! by Jasper Woods on 05/13/2016 (Published on RateABiz

We help recreate families in ways that benefit children.

Parental conflict hurts kids more than divorce.

Don’t let your feelings about the other parent affect your parenting. I know it's easier said than done, but with help and support and good guidance you'll always be able to put your child first. Parents who find themselves unable to control their feelings about the other parent very often unnecessarily increase their own stress, lengthen the time of court litigation, and harm their children.  They raise the cost of divorce and custody in many ways that aren't just financial.  Most parents’ desired goal is to protect their children.  The best way to protect your child is to make sure that their happiness is more important than anything that you are feeling.

Columbus, Ohio

Divorce happens

You don't know how you are going to feel when you get divorced until you get divorced. This is true for those that file and those that are filed against. At the Manning Law Company, as Christian divorce attorneys, we know first-hand the far reaching effects of divorce. We walk with you through this difficult process, even when others won't. We help you make well-informed, well-reasoned, spirit-led decisions. When the waves of emotion overtake you, we will help you maintain your integrity and stay focused on what's important.​

We help free Christians from the bondage of bad marriage.